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What is a Pre-Wedding Photo Session?

February 22, 2021
pre wedding photoshoot in san Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

What is a Pre-Wedding Photo Session? A pre-wedding shoot, often mistaken as an engagement shoot. But, in fact, it is more like a couture editorial Photoshoot. A Pre-Wedding shoot usually takes place a few months or a year prior to the wedding day at some exotic locations. This kind of Photoshoot is mostly base on the couple’s fantasy. Through this kind of pre-wedding photoshoot, couples will be truly inspired and even more excited about their upcoming wedding day!  And unlike a busy wedding day, during the pre-wedding session, couples can be fully relaxed and enjoy their time together in their fantasy. 

Italy Venice Pre Wedding2

Bridal Artisan’s signature pre-wedding session uses cinematic fashion style to show off beauty and personalities as well as your story. Through timeless fine art storytelling, our images are full of emotions and stories.

pre wedding photoshoot in san Francisco
San Francisco Palace of Fine Art is a very popular location for a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.
vietnam halong bay pre wedding
Vietnam Halong Bay will create the most fantasy Pre-Wedding photo you can ever imagine.
Paris Pre Wedding with eiffel tower
French, Paris is the Number one location for international Pre-Wedding.
pre wedding photoshoot in san Francisco
san Francisco Palace of Fine art is another popular location for Pre-Wedding
venice pre wedding shoot
Having Pre-Wedding photo shoot at Venice’s Hotel Danieli
Italy Venice Pre Wedding
Pre-Wedding photo on gondola in front of Rialto Bridge

So now you know what is a pre-wedding photo session, right?

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