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Join Jeremy Chan for a two-hours Photo Editing mentoring session.

Go one-on-one with Microsoft sponsored Photo editing expert Jeremy Chan in a one-on-one comprehensive mentoring session. This is not a just course or tutorial, but a one-on-one Photoshop mentoring session with Jeremy Chan. In this mentoring session, Jeremy will be tailored to what you need rather than showcasing a random post-processing technique. It could be anything from “how to achieve a particular look” to “how to deal with a problem image”. These sessions are pretty much asked me anything sessions, so we can cover whatever topics you want.  whiteYou can learn how to color grading, convert a photo into art, creating your own signature style and retouch portrait tips.

Once you commit this session you are signing up for a two hours coaching/mentoring session with Jeremy Chan via Skype.  Jeremy will contact you through emails to set up the mentoring session content as well as determined time for the session.

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